A Wildwoman Deep, Deep Within us All

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Holding onto to the wild woman archetype in a world that does nothing but smother it out is one of the hardest, most magical, and powerful acts a woman can face in today’s society…

We have all heard the saying “listen to your gut” but do we really understand the depths of that gut feeling? That instinctual tingle in the pit of your stomach, that quiet whisper of a wild woman’s soul, there to lead us down a path of peace, courage, happiness, strength, health, and connection to Mother Earth…

Science shows the intestines act very much so as a second brain in the human body. Our enteric nervous system, which is located in our intestines and bowels has millions of nerve endings that are thought to be that “butterflies in the stomach feeling” or that little ping when you know something’s not right. It is thought that before our brains developed into what they are today, the intestines were actually our first brain… an instinctual brain that worked in many similar ways as other mammals who walk the surface of Mother Earth…other mammals such as wolves… one of the most instinctual animals around.

Today we live in a society that does not teach women how to listen to their instincts and allow that power of the gut to lead our lives down our destined path…

We live in a society that teaches us to think logically. To drown out that magical whisper that flows through us from deep beneath the earth and beyond our starry skies…

A male dominated society that is terrified of the power that lurks within an instinctual woman, where men have taught us and conditioned us to use our brains above our guts…

A society that teaches women shame… shame to honor their true selves… shame to acknowledge the wild woman that is inside us all… shame to those of us who cannot and will not be tamed…

A society that teaches us to keep secrets… secrets of how we have violated some social or moral code of society… but in reality, all we have done is honor ourselves for a wild woman cannot truly abide by society’s rules, for she makes her own rules that come from the beat of her heart and the dance of her soul…

They can try and teach us their ways, they can try to condition us to fit in their box, they can try to brainwash us in hopes of fogging what we see as truth…

But the wild woman is deep within us all, smarter and stronger than any outside force…

They can try and smother our power, but what they don’t know is that all they are doing is stoking our rageful fires…

Sparking something deep within our souls… we are rising with the Pheonix, here to stop the madness and heal the wounds of Mother Earth and her children…

We are waking up from the fog, tuning into our second brain… allowing our rage to burn hot and burn bright… for it is that rage that will save the world…

Here I have written an ode or a pray, a poem or a song…. However, you want to look at it just know us witches are arising!


Mother of the sky, keeper of the stars

I see through my eyes the magic that we are.

Mama Luna, Oh Ma de La Lune

Shine your bright light down upon us as we bravely Howl to you.

Our howls they emerge from deep, deep within,

Shaking the leaves as our singing begins.

Our magic commenced from the depths of our wombs,

From our delicate garden, where life begins to bloom.

Circling about, the dances begin,

Igniting the magical stardust within.

As us witches unite, our souls they shine bright,

Like a candle unfazed by the wind…

They tell us our magic will send us to hell,

They tell us for we have sinned.

With our eyes now enlightened our intuition running deep,

Our power is a force no longer capable of deceit.

We will rise with the Phoenix with the ashes of our nest,

We will rise with grace and unity to heal all the oppressed.

As you wait for our arrival,

Listen carefully with the full moon.

For our howls, they will send shivers…

Like an alarm…

We are coming for you!

Over the horizon, you will see us dancing in,

Our healing powers sparking, the light you hide within.

Come join us in the moonlight,

Revealing your bare skin.

Together we will halt these so-called mortal sins…

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