Anahata: The Heart Chakra

Location: Middle of the chest

Age of Resonance: 28-35

Color: Green = heart protector, gold/pink = sacred heart

Symbol: Cresent moon

Stone: Rose quartz, diamond, peridot

Angle: Archangel Raphael

Spiritual Activity: self-love, love for others ,prayer, healing, singing, joyful adventures

Physical Activity: yoga, massage, healing touch, walking, dancing

Mantra: Om Mani Pad Me Hum


The heart chakra… the governor of your heart and lungs. The keeper of your past hurts and your biggest fears. When shut off or blocked it is the fueler of hatred towards yourself and others, anger, jealousy, ignorance, and grief.

When cleared, and open it is the fueler of empathy and compassion, unconditional love of self and others, and the singer of your heart song.

In the early stages of development our heart chakra is opened, as I am sure you can imagine or remember the pure unconditional love of a child. As we age, our lives begin to condition us and our heart chakra begins to close down.

As a child you begin to develop fears based off of your experiences. Your parents and siblings, abuse and neglect, your classmate who bullies you on the bus, the first boy/girl to break your heart, the insecurities feed by media and celebrities… these are all things that close off our heart chakras. All of these outside factors are the fuelers of this negative wall of energy we build up as we mature, in hopes of protecting our sacred heart.

Our heart chakra is made up of two parts, your heart protector and your actual heart or sacred heart as I like to refer to it. Our heart protector is the wall of energy built up around our sacred heart. As we grow old and develop fears, grief, and jealousy our heart protector is fueled with this negative energy which creates that brick wall around our hearts. This dark black wall hinders the ability of our sacred heart to function properly. The stronger we build that dark wall the more closed off your heart chakra becomes.

I spent years of my life building up that horribly dense dark wall around my delicate golden heart. I had so much fear and insecurities piling up inside of me it was impossible for me to let love in or give it out. I was stuck in this rut unable to give or receive unconditional love.

I then discovered the act of forgiveness. Not that I didn’t know what forgiveness was, but I was finally able to apply it to my life. I let go off all my past hurts. I let go of any grudges I had been holding onto, I let go of all my fears.

It was not an easy process but there were a handful of things that really helped me release all of this negativity that was clogging up my heart center.

The most important thing I found in my healing journey was surrounding myself with kind positive people. People who unconditionally loved me. For it was being around these people that I truly learned how to unconditionally love myself. You can read as many books, blogs, articles and quotes on unconditional love but until you have actually experienced it and observed it you will never be able to fully grasp what it means.

I also found it to be essential to unconditionally love yourself because until you figure that one out you will not truly be able to unconditionally love someone else. It is said that when our heart chakra is broken our mana or life force flows back into our solar plexus chakra which is the chakra of personal identity and self-love. By flowing back to this chakra our life force strengthens through a sense of selfhood and self- love, and once recharged flows back to the heart chakra to begin healing.

Another critical aspect in learning unconditional love is being in nature. For me being in nature is a very spiritual experience, for I see Mother Earth as our creator. She is us and we are her. Just as the trees and plants came to be, so did we.

It is said that the first unconditional love you will ever experience is that of your Mother. A bond like nothing else. I relate to this in a physical connection with my human mother, as well as in a spiritual connection with my creator. In many cultures and religions, it is believed that your heart is the keeper of your individual holly spirit. Through strengthening my connection and relationship to nature as my higher power I was able to disintegrate that dark dense wall.

The third thing that really helped in opening my heart chakra was healing my inner child. Most all of my fears that I had been holding onto were rooted in my childhood. In the last couple months I have done many meditations and writing exercises that healed my inner child. I was able to let go of my fears and insecurities which allowed my heart to blossom like a delicate lotus flower.

Once I was able to diminish that wall of darkness without even trying I began fueling my heart protector with unconditional love, empathy, compassion, and deeply connected relationships. Through fueling my protector with these things I was able to build up not a wall but a light force that is stronger than any wall my fears and insecurities ever could have created.

And now with this light force I am able to give and receive love unconditionally. My heart finally feels whole and I can access the holly power that is within me.

A heart chakra affirmation that I like to use from The Book of Chakras by Ambika Wauters


Resides with in my heart.

I am quiet and listen to my heart’s song.

I choose to be united with all beings, visible an invisible, in the realm of love and light.

I anchor my heart in truth, love, and God’s grace.

Love opens and heals me.

I choose the peace that surpasses all understanding.

I am love, I am peace, I am light.

I follow my heart’s desire for truth and goodness and love.

My core is pure and innocent. Nothing can touch the soul of my heart except love itself.

God’s love fills me and opens my heart to all goodness.

Joy is my reason for living.

I look for the joy in myself and see it in all things.

I delight in sharing my joy.

I let my heart shine and give from the depths of my being to those who accept love.





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