I am alive and on my way!!!


Poetry and writing are both something I enjoyed greatly in my younger years, but lost sight of throughout high school. Something I was always good at but never pursued due to fear of my work being judged… I know!… Silly Me…

Well now at 25 years old I have found writing to be one of the best tools in learning more about myself and expressing it outwardly.

All of my poetry relates to different times in my life, different lessons learned, different emotions and of course people whose journeys have crossed paths with mine!

I have found writing to be a great way to allow more vulnerability into my life without the intensity of revealing my inner workings face to face with someone.

As a person who has struggled for years and years with insecurities and sever social anxiety, it is not always easy to express my deeper parts face to face… Had you met me 5 years ago, my poetry and journal entries were something I kept locked up really close to my heart, for no one to even know they existed.

Now here I am starting a blog with my main focus being to share with you my journey to self love through my poetry and writing… as well as many other creative pursuits and adventures.

This blog is something that I should have started about a year ago… but better late than never is one of my life mottos!

This poem I am about to share with you all is from a writing prompt that I remembered using in a high school English class as a “getting to know you” assignment at the beginning of the school year.

I wrote this poem about 2 years ago, as an exercise to learn about myself, for I had spent most of my years up until that point trying to hide myself and become someone I thought people would “approve” of more.

I cannot express in words how powerful it is for me to be able to share these words with you all and be proud and excited to do so.

Here is a bit of me in a nutshell of a poem….

I am alive and on my way…

I wonder about the stars and the moon

I hear nature whisper a sweet gentle tune

I see spirits float on the leaves of the tree

I want the world to be at ease

I am alive and on my way …

I pretend I am a gypsy

I feel the flutter of a fairies wings

I touch the sound of a bird who sings

I worry about the ones that I love

I cry for the ones who need one to take hold of

I am alive and on my way …

I understand we are one in the same but carry on different roles

I say the universe is apart of all of our souls

I dream the world to know peace in the most abundant and beautiful way

I try to find love in all who I meet despite what people may say

I hope to be loved for all that I am every glorious and painful day

I am alive and on my way

For those of you looking for ways to incorporate writing as a tool to aid in your self healing or as I like to call it “journey to self love”here are some links to some websites and writing prompts that I have found useful…

I am poem writing prompt

30 Journaling Prompts for Self- Reflection and Self-Discovery

18 powerful journaling prompts for Self-Discovery and Healing


Thanks for reading!!!!



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