“Sometimes the Places You Dream Arn’t Always the Places You Sleep…”



Wow! one year ago today I posted this picture on facebook (Click here for original post) with the caption, “Sometimes the places you dream are not always the places you sleep.”

Looking at this picture brings back so many magical memories, emotions, feelings, thoughts and dreams… reminiscing on my morning walks to work at the local fruit stand I can literally feel the Mana pulsing through my calloused bare feet.

For those of you unsure of the word mana, as defined in my Hawaiian Magic and Spirituality book by Scott Cunningham, “mana is the spiritual power possessed in vast amounts by the gods, goddesses, and family ancestral spirits; in lesser quantity by humans. Ones use of Mana is the practice of magic.”

In my own words mana is a spiritual power, an unseen (or possibly seen if tuned in to its frequency) energy that resides in all creation. It is the Hawaiian spirituality that is so deeply rooted in the land that it is impossible not to be affected by its beauty and magic.

Upon returning to the states after my six months on island, many were noticing a major difference in me. My beliefs, my thoughts, how I presented myself, how I saw myself, how I saw the world and those around me… everything had changed for the better… And many people were asking me why… What was so special about Hawaii? What was it about that place that allowed you to change and heal so much?

The best answer I could come up with was mana…

Here is a journal entry from December 15, 2015… about a month into being on Big I…

” As I walk along this volcanic land I feel Pele tickle my feet. Encouraging me to let loose and play a little bit.

I look around and am reminded to stop, take a deep breath, and let my worries and doubts get washed away by the churning waves of the ocean… 

Stop looking for answers…

Just be and the answers will find me. The answers are all around on this intensely magical land. The answers are floating along the leaves and vines of the rich, lush tropical jungle that I now call home…

The answers are in the  waves beating against the lava shores changing and transforming it into delicate soft sand. The answers are in all the souls and energies that have been circling around me.

Pele Please help me open my eyes to the answers.


This was written before I had even heard of the word mana, but without knowing what it was I knew it was there…

Mana is in everything, it is everything as everything is it… As the ancient Hawaiians and Polynesians believed,  the deities of their culture posses the highest amount of mana. As you will see once you become more accustomed to their culture, these deities are not just gods and goddesses made into statues or totems of worship, but they are the land and they are us… these deities or Akua which is the Hawaiian term, assume many different bodies…

The plants that make up the vast vibrant jungles, a fish swimming along side you as you dive in deep with your snorkel mask, the birds soaring high above the foggy mountain peaks, the lava rock that continuously forms from deep down at the earths core, a grain of sand stuck between your sun kissed toes, your naked bare body dancing in the moonlight to the sounds of drums and chanting… It is ALL mana.

Just being on those islands, eating the fresh fruit, feeling the rush of adrenaline as I jumped off waterfalls and cliffs, hearing a kind “Aloha” shouted by a passerby as I laid on the beach, seeing a family of turtles resting on the shore side, smelling the salty fresh air as I rode in the back of a pickup truck down the Hana highway during many hitch hiking adventures….

Through all of my emotional, mental and sensory experiences on those islands I became in tune with the divine power of the Universe, and it is through these same experiences that the ancient Hawaiians based their spirituality or religion upon.

They didn’t need a regulated religion or book telling them of this divine power. They didn’t need mystical theories and tales to understand and connect to this higher power. Their religion is the land, their religion is mana.

Sense leaving the islands I have stayed tuned in and aware of the mana that surrounds me as well as the mana that runs through me and creates my very essence, and with this I have made leaps and bounds in my healing journey towards self-love.

According to the ancient Hawaiians there are two types of mana…

The first one being the mana you are born with. It is a gift from the deities and is what gives people the extraordinary power to do whatever they desire. Finding that buried power in myself I realized that I really can live my life how ever the hell I want to live my life and was finally able to stop trying to fit into this box that for so long I though I had to fit into.

The second type of mana is an acquired mana. Learning a craft or trade. Finding your nitch, such as medicine woman, farmer, or woodworker… artist, mediator, or therapist. whatever it is that you are passionate and skilled at, and through that skill or trade you are embedded with this second type of mana.

For me I relate this to breaking out of that box and letting my inner mana guide me into fully being myself and discovering what it was I was passionate about and skilled at and this is a key step in loving yourself. Finding out who you are, embracing your authentic self and letting that soar you into dreams that you once never thought possible.

I will end this post with a poem I wrote right before I left the islands… and ode to the island of Maui, or as many refer to as “Mama Maui”…

Mama Maui your magic touch swirls around me and lifts me up 

Up above the land and the sea, opening new worlds I had yet to see. 

The conscious way you allow me to play, tickles my soul through and through. 

A faerie world now brought into view, creating space to recharge and renew. 

I now see the light, through all three of my eyes, not just the two that were shut off from view. 

A sight long forgotten, buried in past lives, it was there all along, I have now realized. 

Its in you, its in me, in the sand and the seas. It speaks to me through your warm ocean breeze. 

Through the moon it embraces me, whispering away, all my fears that try to come play. 

Bringing me gratitude each passing day, the lightness you’ve shown me blows me away. 

Up up and away like a bird taking flight, soaring about through the dark endless night. 

Come morning re-grounded, as the bright golden rays remind me to hold with me through all of my days…

the magic that shimmers in your turquoise waves. 





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